How high is too high?

Electric Bills: How High is Too High?

If gasoline prices and rising inflation haven’t already hit your bottom line, a full doubling of your electricity bills most certainly will.

According to a recent article in the New York Times, the global macro and micro disruptions currently driving up pricing for electricity and natural gas could be just the beginning.

As we continue to move away from reliable energy sources toward less reliable energy sources, the grid becomes more volatile and subject to increased pricing swings. Coupled with massive spending on infrastructures like transmission lines and sub-stations, costs will continue to increase for years to come.

How much pain can you afford?

EnergyServ Solutions is working with our partners every day to help mitigate the risk and uncertainty of today’s energy market. If you have an energy agreement due to expire in the next 12-18 months, let’s discuss your next energy position now.

“This is an affordability emergency. If you want to control inflation, one of the things you have to control is energy costs.”

Mark Toney, executive director of The Utility Reform Network

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