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With competitive pricing available you can shop and choose the retail electricity provider that’s right for you. Retail Electric Providers compete to sell electricity to you. REP’s or Retail Electric Providers are responsible for setting rates, providing bills to our customers, and handling customer service functions.

Your local utility company, now commonly referred to as your local wires company/TDU/TDSP, will not change if you decide to switch to a different retail electricity provider.

They will:

  • Remain a separate entity from your retail electricity provider
  • Continue to deliver your power over the same poles and wires
  • Respond to outages and emergencies as always

If you decide to switch, there’s no risk of losing power in the switching process. Your electricity will continue to flow without interruption. Along with being risk-free, competitive pricing offers Texans lower rates, innovative product and service offerings and improved customer service.

As a commercial electricity customer what qualifying questions should you ask before signing your agreement? These are a few questions our clients have asked us:

  • What happens if I sell my business during the term of my agreement?
  • If I accidentally double contracted myself or changed providers without completing the term of my agreement would I be liable for early termination fees?
  • What if the market goes up or down during the course of my agreement?

Contact EnergyServ Solutions to:

  • Analyze your current electricity usage.
  • Negotiate competitive rates and help customize an electricity agreement to best suit your needs.
  • Review product, rates, terms, and conditions provided by our trusted suppliers tailored specifically for your business.

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