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EnergyServ Solutions will leverage your properties electricity agreements to save costs which can increase your ROI and NOI.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), utilities typically are 25 to 35 percent of overall operating costs, making them the single largest controllable cost in multifamily housing.

Space heating is the single biggest energy consumer in multifamily buildings at 41%.

Items To Consider

Apartment BuildingA few basic questions our multifamily clients should consider:

  • Do you have an energy efficiency upgrade program? Reducing your properties energy consumption can lead to higher profitability and value.
  • Should your properties be on a continuous service agreement (CSA) or managed product?
  • Do you have marketing agreements in place with retail electric providers? EnergyServ Solutions can transition that process and negotiate terms on your behalf.
  • Are all of my properties with one provider? What if that provider sells? We all know the challenge with billing, what if that provider goes through a billing conversion? We believe in diversification with intent.
  • Are net payment terms important and how can that be important to my properties? What term agreement is best and why? Are transfers of service time consuming and confusing?
  • Should we aggregate our properties? Benefit and challenge.

Educate Your Residents

Let your residents know that there are a number of no-cost and low-cost improvements they can do to help save money on their energy bills. Start with the basics.

Energy ChartEnergyServ Solutions has partnered with suppliers that understand the multifamily energy market and community. By leveraging technology (multifamily portal) we can introduce and help your property managers streamline requests via direct login allowing them to power apartment units on and off. Connect with us for details!

With all the tasks presented to multifamily property management let EnergyServ Solutions become your ‘Outsourced Energy Desk’ so you can focus on maintenance, repairs, and other time management projects. We can help lower your operating costs and improve profitability. Through our audit process we can lower costs by negotiating competitive electricity rates and identify unrealized tax exempt status.


“EnergyServ Solutions provides us with superior customer service and always a pleasure to work with. They are extremely knowledgeable in their field and have saved our property owners a significant amount of money negotiating new contracts and bill audits. They also handle transferring contracts or transfer of service as we acquire new properties which saves us time. I would highly recommend using EnergyServ Solutions for your Multi Family Property Management energy needs” – Vickie Mann, Wehner MultiFamily Property Management

“I appreciate your quick response and professionalism. I hope to do business with you and promote your business to other investors!” – Menair Properties

Let Us Serve Your Business!

Contact EnergyServ Solutions today. We look forward to finding solutions to help your business achieve energy management success and uncover cost savings opportunities.