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What our customers are saying

“EnergyServ Solutions has been our in-house broker for the last two years. I recommend them to all our owners as they are always professional and work hard to bring the best value to our clients. They recommend reputable electric providers that provide the best service and rates. The EnergyServ Solutions team will guide you through the process and address any questions or concerns you have. I was skeptical at first, but EnergyServ Solutions proved to really have the client’s best interest in mind and won me over which is very hard to do.”

-Robin H., Corp Mgr Wehner Multifamily LLC

“EnergyServ Solutions provided excellent advice affording our organization the opportunity to re-evaluate a current electricity agreement and enter a new contract saving us $850 a month. Both Brian and Lance demonstrated professionalism and a genuine concern for what was best for our organization throughout the process.”

-Philip H., Chick-fil-A

“When it comes to energy needs EnergyServ Solutions is simply the Best! With years of industry experience, they are very knowledgeable and responsive, handling the entire transition of renewing or switching from one service provider to another saving me both time and money.

They are stand up people who I would refer and do business with again!”

-Daniel T., LM Max Realty

“I appreciate your quick response and professionalism. I look forward to doing more business with your company and happy to promote EnergyServ Solutions to other people.”

-Menon, Menair Properties

“Lance was knowledgeable and informative concerning the energy industry and markets. Other brokers I spoke with were clearly only interested in making money from the transaction and unwilling to to do the slightest bit of work to ensure a positive outcome (savings, reliability, service) for my business. His straight communication style and creative deal solutions set him apart from the pack in a good way.”

-Jeff M., Chick-fil-A

“EnergyServ Solutions provides us with superior customer service and always a pleasure to work with. They are extremely knowledgeable in their field and have saved our property owners a significant amount of money through bill audits and negotiating energy contracts. They also handle transfer of contracts and service as we acquire new properties which saves us time. I would highly recommend using EnergyServ Solutions for your MultiFamily Property Management energy needs”

-Venkat A., Raven Multifamily Property

“It’s been great for Dezine News to be able to depend on EnergyServ Solutions for our energy management needs. Their expertise and advice concerning electricity for my facility makes a meaningful difference to my business and bottom line. Thank you for your help and guidance.”

-Jeff K., Dezine News

“EnergyServ Solutions manages the electricity needs for all 12 of my properties. When it comes to energy needs for my property they know the challenge I face and provide resolution. They handle all property transfers, renewals, exemptions and make certain I am in the best energy position for each property. After the sale service is important to me and they are always there to help. They are great partners in our multifamily apartment business.”

-Raj and Raje G., Juniper Mgmt Co.

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