About Us

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EnergyServ Solutions has 20 years of combined experience negotiating, building relationships, and navigating the energy market. During a review of your bill or electricity agreement EnergyServ Solutions can identify potential savings through tax exemptions (where applicable), product type, rate, and term.

60% to 75% of businesses use energy consultants.

With the position of Energy Manager absent in most companies, engaging an Energy Consultant allows you to retain a professional without putting them on your payroll. As a licensed energy aggregator EnergyServ Solutions can advise business owners how to take advantage of energy aggregation which bundles multiple locations together to achieve lower energy costs.

Our Value

EnergyServ Solutions provides transparent, meaningful, helpful interactions via products and services tailored for your business. In addition, we:


  • Have 20+ years of energy market experience
  • Represent you, not the retail electric provider
  • Listen and work to understand your needs
  • Provide transparent consultation tailored to your business
  • Monitor energy trend opportunities so you don’t have to
  • Have the understanding to get you what you want—a competitive rate
  • Are a faith focused company

Who We Serv

EnergyServ serves both commercial and residential clients including:

  • Multifamily Property Management
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Commercial Industrial Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Retail-Convenience Stores to Retail Strip Centers
  • Restaurants
  • Churches

We have 20 years of energy market experience!

Let Us Serve Your Business!

Contact EnergyServ Solutions today. We look forward to finding solutions to help your business achieve energy management success and uncover cost savings opportunities.