EnergyServ Solutions Announces Merger With Cube Energy

EnergyServ Solutions is thrilled to announce its merger with Cube Energy, a strategic partnership poised to deliver elevated energy solutions to clients across Texas and North America. This collaboration underscores both companies’ commitment to providing innovative, data-driven energy services.

About the Partnership

Cube Energy, a well-regarded industry heavyweight, brings to the table its longstanding reputation for excellence and a mission to continually expand its service offerings. EnergyServ Solutions echoes these values, having effectively catered to organizations across diverse sectors while serving all commodity markets in North America. With a combined 17 years of unwavering dedication to integrity and transparency, the merger stands as a dynamic integration of expertise.

Leadership and Operations

In this new phase, Chris Paul, currently serving as the CEO of Cube Energy, will assume additional responsibilities as the COO of EnergyServ Solutions. He will supervise daily operations, further solidifying the merger’s promise. Meanwhile, Betzy Flores, the current Director of Operations at EnergyServ Solutions, will become the primary contact for all electricity services and agreements.

Scope and Impact

The merger aims to redefine the standard for full-service energy consulting in Texas and North America. A comprehensive suite of services will be offered, including power, gas, solar, utility tax, and trash solutions, tailored for residential, commercial, and industrial clients. The partnership will also extend its resources to property management groups and commercial real estate portfolios, tapping into a combined market experience of 120 years and strategic partnerships with North America’s most significant wholesale suppliers.

Client Benefits

Clients can look forward to a host of tangible benefits from this merger, such as cost savings, reduced fixed expenses, and amplified market exposure.

From Leadership

Lance McGee, CEO of EnergyServ Solutions, articulated his excitement, stating, “We are thrilled about this new partnership and the enormous value it promises to deliver to our clients. Our data-driven approach is set to offer cost savings, enhanced operational efficiencies, and improved risk management.

Contact Information

About EnergyServ Solutions

EnergyServ Solutions is an energy service provider headquartered in Dallas, Texas, serving a diverse clientele since 2017. With an unwavering commitment to integrity and transparency, EnergyServ Solutions offers an extensive range of energy solutions.

About Cube Energy

Cube Energy stands as a pioneering energy consulting firm, committed to delivering innovative, data-driven solutions across Texas and North America. Specializing in cost avoidance and operational efficiency, Cube Energy leverages its vast market experience to yield exceptional outcomes for its clients.